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To the uninitiated, climbing can seem intimidating, but most beginners are surprised at how quickly they can get started. Fundamentally, it is not that much different from climbing trees, something most of us did as children. This article was contributed by Henry T Joseph, used with permission.... Read More
For anyone who loves to travel, The Modern Nomad's Backpack: A Guide to Packing Light for Round the World Travel is a handy reference worth checking out...and not just because of its glowing review of our Crescent Belt... Unlike the usual packing books that teach you how to fold your clothes,... Read More
We recently sent some of our most popular survival products to Flintland, a blog focused on distance running, travel and outdoor living, so they could test them out on one of the toughest races out there...the Survival Run Hunter Gatherer Race in Texas (held on Oct 5, 2013). We're... Read More
We’re excited to announce our participation in this year’s Fuego Y Agua’s Survival Run Hunter Gatherer Race on October 5, 2013! This 50k & 100k Ultra Distance Obstacle/Challenge Survival Race will be set at Camp Eagle in Rock Springs, Texas.  By their own description: Everything out... Read More
Just received these great pics & accompanying letter from a satisfied customer! “My Bison Designs Survival Bracelet was used to repair my hiking boot on top of Mount Algonquin in the Adirondack state park in New York State! When I reached the summit of Mount Algonquin, the sole of my boot... Read More
We are so pleased to have our Survival Pod featured as part of a new, potentially life saving product, designed by  Their Go-Bag Alpha is meant to get you through 24-48 hours as you escape a catastrophic event. For more information, be sure to check it out here: ... Read More
Another Bison Designs product giveaway has ended!  This month, we gave away 5 Flint & Knife Survival bracelets, and as part of the entry form, we asked you all what your most harrowing survival experience was.  Several of you had funny responses, while some of you shared truly... Read More
Many thanks to Bryon at for featuring our Survival Accessories on his list of Top 10 Survival Products, following the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City! Be sure to check out his full roundup here.
Many thanks to Randi at for featuring our Stretch Control dog lead in a recent review on the site!  Read the full review (including some ridiculously adorable pics of her pooch in action!) by clicking on the preview below...
We were proud to receive an award recently from the Disabled American Veterans "as one of the most loyal and generous friends for those who paid the extraordinary price for our freedom." We are humbled and honored.