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Hiking Boot Repaired With Bison Designs Survival Bracelet

Creative Boot Fix Using Bison Designs Paracord Survival Bracelet

Just received these great pics & accompanying letter from a satisfied customer!

“My Bison Designs Survival Bracelet was used to repair my hiking boot on top of Mount Algonquin in the Adirondack state park in New York State!

When I reached the summit of Mount Algonquin, the sole of my boot fell off leaving me in a tough situation. I was able to punch holes throughout the sole of the boot and use the survival bracelet to stitch the sole tightly back onto the boot. The repair stabilized the sole of my boot down the steepest decent in the Adirondacks, all the way to camp, and back to the car the following day – in total it was about 12 miles and the boot could probably still be worn on another trip. The bracelet really saved the trip as i’m not sure what I would have done to get down the mountain without a boot. A great product and i’m really glad I bought it!”