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So There I Was…

Poll ResultsAnother Bison Designs product giveaway has ended!  This month, we gave away 5 Flint & Knife Survival bracelets, and as part of the entry form, we asked you all what your most harrowing survival experience was.  Several of you had funny responses, while some of you shared truly harrowing experiences, ranging from bear encounters, to being lost as a child, both on the trail & in crowded public places.

There were way to many great responses for us to list all of them, but here’s a taste:

Lost at the mall without cell service, wondering where my wife and kids were. Then I saw them, behind the coffee kiosk. Oh, what a relief!

Spent two days in my vehicle  stuck in a snow drift while hunting.

Lost on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro… that didn’t really happen, but it sounded like a good story

I was 8, wandered into the woods in Vermont on a vacation. 6 hours and 4 miles later I was found by a family.

As a kid, I got mad at my parents and took off into the woods beside our house at night. I walked and walked and got stuck surrounded by briars. I just sit down and started to cry until hours later, rescue men found me. I never took off like that again.

… stuck at a train station overnight with 3 other 20-year-old girls. It was an outdoor station in the Alps of Switzerland and we were freezing. Well, they were. I packed a heavy duty Eddie Bauer jacket and hauled it around Europe that summer. I was so glad I did! It wasn’t much fun sleeping on a bench, but we survived.

Lost on a local trail, all alone, finally found my way out and got chased by a dog, ended up on part of the Appalachian Trail with rope obstacles, climbed up and waited for dog to leave. Got home in time for dinner.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated!  Our winners this month are: Sue B., Kyle J., Sally W., Caroline C., & Bob M.

We’ve contacted our five winners directly with instructions on how to claim their prizes, but if you’re listed here & haven’t received an email, be sure to drop us a note via our contact form, or in the comments below so we can connect.