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What Gear Have You Lost Due to Improper Tie Downs?

What gear have you lost due to improper tie downs?As part of our recent HOOKm™ S tie down system giveaway, we asked participants to tell us what gear they've lost due to improper tie downs. Turns out Luggage was the #1 item lost, with Camping Gear trailing close behind. Several of you also answered "Other" with those specifics varying greatly, but here were some of our favorites:

Chad Anderson Reviews the Last Chance Duty Belt

Thanks so much to Chad Anderson for this in depth video review of our Last Chance Duty Belt! Check it out & see what he thinks:

How to Exercise With Your Dog in the Winter Months

cute dog in the snowThis article was contributed By Emmy E Bill, used with permission. Those of us that live in northern regions are at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to exercising with our pets during the winter months; unfortunately for many people it's not a lot of fun to toss a Frisbee around or go for a walk with their dog when the temperature hits those fri

Cute Dog Pics 2012 Roundup

We just couldn't resist the opportunity to post a roundup of some darn cute doc pics from 2012, showing off Bison Designs collars, leads, & harnesses.  For copyright reasons, we didn't include pics that were "posted by others" on our Facebook page, but we certainly received a bunch there too.  Thanks so much to all for sharing!

dogs wearing bison designs collars


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