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*Sling Lock™ Bracelet

*Sling Lock™ Bracelet

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Technical Specs

Width 19mm (0.75" inches)
Material 550 Paracord
Buckle Type Sling Attachment
Material Delrin Plastic
Braid Cobra
Unties for 8' - 11' feet


This was my first 550 cord survival bracelet from Bison Designs. I am very impressed with the quality of the bracelet, but their customer service rocks it in a way that other companies can only either dream or lie about. But more on that in a bit. So I own a few 550 cord bracelets from varying companies, but this is the first that uses a rifle sling attachment on it. Too cool!!! You can see from the pictures online, that while it is a rifle sling point, it isn’t too large to make the bracelet uncomfortable. I’d say that it’s the perfect size. It did take some getting used to though, because you remove and secure the sling point with one hand, but once you do it a few times, it actually become super easy – I even wish my other bracelets had the same time of closure. Now regarding the bracelet. The bracelet has a very tight and symmetrical weave to it and since it is a tight weave, the bracelet has a nice sturdy feel to it while being one of the most comfortable bracelets I own. Another point that just shows the level of quality in this bracelet is where the 550 cord is woven onto the sling. I actually have a 550 cord single point sling for an AR-15. My Bison Design 550 cord bracelet more secured to the rifle sling, than my rifle sling is!! Bison uses 6 loops around the long oval of the rifle sling. That means that the 550 cord doesn't slide around on the sling point and it is very, very secure. In fact, I am tempted to contact Bison Designs and ask them if they could redo my single point sling and make it like their bracelets! I am very pleased with this bracelet and since ordering this one, have ordered 3 more and am on their website now to order a belt. You just can’t go wrong with Bison 550 cord survival bracelet. Now about their customer service. I had a couple of issues with my bracelet. Nothing to do with quality but more to do with my ability to order the correct size. Sam from Bison Designs is just awesome. Pure 550 Cord Awesomeness! She was so patient with me in getting the bracelets returned and ordering the new once. Due to my wife’s extremely small wrist, we had to go to a different model. Sam knew all of this and was able to guide me to the right products. I had requested a earthy purple, but the model I wanted didn’t have that particular color, so she included a regular purple and also a dark ‘bluish-purpley’ color in my order – at no charge to me – just in case the purple wasn’t the one the wife wanted. People and companies just don’t do that these days. So while I may be able to find a cheaper, made in China 550 cord bracelet, there is no way in the world I will find this level of service and customer oriented support ANYWHERE else. That’s why I’m back on the website ordering more products, and that’s why when I need a 550 cord survival bracelet for my friends (or me again ) Bison Designs will be my go-to connection. Without a doubt, and I believe they should be yours too!
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Paracord Bracelet Size Chart

Size Max Wrist Circumference
S 8" Wrist
M 9" Wrist
L 10" Wrist

*When buying paracord bracelets they will not stretch over time. Bracelets that get wet can shrink.