Squeaky Cheeks® – Active


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Squeaky Cheeks® – 100% Natural – Funny Name, Serious Comfort  – Active Blend 5 oz. bottle – Squeaky Cheeks® feels energizing, relieves pain, smells terrific and lasts all day. Trusted and used by Professional Athletic, Podiatrist, and Everyday Folks.  100% Talc Free – Dry non-caking barrier that prevents blisters and chaffing. – Bentonite Clay: Binds with bacteria, toxins and fungi, naturally inhibiting their growth. – Extremely effective at sweat and serious odor elimination. –   Essential Oils Naturally alleviate discomfort and anesthetic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties – Only available in Active and Comfort – Slippery Elm Bark – FDA approved as a safe and effective topical pain relief for blisters, rash and other skin irritation.