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New webbing patterns available NOW for belts and collars:
  • 38mm Patterns: Pathway, Stonewash Black, Stonewash Tan
  • 38mm Solid: Coyote, Double Standard Black/Olive
  • 30mm Patterns: Crossover Black, Crossover Brick, Pinstripe Black, Pinstripe Brown
  • 25mm Patterns: Chocolate Sprinkles, Hawaiian Lime, Rad

  • products are now available:

    Coming Soon:
  • Kool Tool Klip SAE
  • Kool Tool Klip Metric
  • Kool Tool Klip Biker
  • Kool Tool Carabiner
  • Heart to Heart Carabiner
  • Heart to Heart Mini Carabiner
  • Love Link Carabiner

  • Tie Down Systems:
  • HOOKm™ Round

    • A portion of the proceeds of all paracord products is donated to organizations which provide support for wounded veterans

    • A special thanks goes out to Disabled American Veterans Association for naming Bison Designs, LLC a Platinum Leader in their Commanders Club!
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