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Bison Designs, LLC
735 South Lincoln
Longmont, CO 80501


Q: My buckle broke, can it be repaired?

A: We here at Bison do offer lifetime warranties on all of our products for many years of wear. You are welcome to send the belt to the address provided below, and we would be happy to repair it for you at no charge.

*Please note: This warranty does not apply to defects due to misuse, negligence, or accident, or has been subjected to abnormal physical stress. 

Bison Designs

Attn: Warranties and Repairs

735 S Lincoln St

Longmont, CO 80501

Please include a note on the inside of the package with your return address as well as a daytime phone number so that we may contact you with any questions we may have. ***Please also note; do not place stickers or zip ties around the product as it may damage the item when being processed for return or warranty***Do not cut the buckle off the belt or remove it before sending to us; otherwise it may delay the warranty process.***


Q: How do I exchange a product?

A: To exchange your product please send the items back to the address below.

Bison Designs

Attn: Exchanges

735 S. Lincoln St.

Longmont, CO 80501

If you still have the original packing slip that you can send with your items that is preferred. Please make a note inside the package of the item that you would like to exchange it for, include style, pattern and size. Please note that you are responsible for any difference in cost along with return freight. If you provide authorization on the inside of the package to charge the original card used on the purchase that will greatly speed up the return process otherwise we will need to call you for authorization once your package is received for authorization before the order can be processed.


Q: I bought my belt through another retailer can I return and exchange it through Bison directly? (i.e. Amazon, REI, Cabelas)

A: No. You need to return or exchange your product through the retailer in which the item is purchased for an exchange or return.


Q: How do I return my product for a refund?

A: Full refunds are accepted to up to 30 days after your item has been purchased. The item cannot be damaged, altered, or show too much wear.

You are welcome to send the product back to the address below.

Bison Designs

Attn: Returns

735 S. Lincoln St.

Longmont, CO 80501


If you still have the original packing slip that you can send with the belt that would be preferred. Please indicate why the item is being returned and once we receive the package we will refund the card that was used to make the initial purchase.

**Please note we will refund you for the product but we cannot refund you for freight. Prices may fluctuate for refund if you used a promo code**


Q: My belt is too big, can it be trimmed?

A: If you purchased a single ply belt it can be trimmed to fit. Here are a few options on how to do this.

1. You can trim your belt with a pair of scissors and seal the edge with the flat edge of a hot iron. This will seal the belt and prevent it from fraying.

2. You can take your belt to your local REI or Hardware store where they have hot knifes for trimming rope, etc. They will be able to trim your belt.


Q: Can I order a custom size?

A: You can place your order online and in the comment section make a note of how long you want the belt. Please also be aware you need to account for extra length for the tail to go through the belt loops. If you have your belt cut to a custom length when you order your items cannot be returned or exchanged if they do not fit. **Pricing will increase when going into larger sizes**


Q: Does the Longmont location have a store front?

A: Unfortunately we do not have a retail store at our Longmont location it is just a warehouse and office building. If you are local and would like to purchase from us we recommend that you place your order on the website and in the comment section indicate that you would like to pick your order from us. Please note that you will have to choose a freight option otherwise you cannot proceed with the checkout. Once we receive the order we will manually override the freight and you will only have to pay Longmont local tax. Once your order is ready we will call you to come pick it up from our location.


Q: I found coupons on other sites they are not working. How do I get discounts?

A: Most coupon sites have coupons that have expired and no longer valid. They are not regularly maintained. To ensure you get all the coupons that Bison has to offer you can sign up for our mailer at